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The Wall for the Energy Transition: Thermally activated Steel Sheet Pile wall

We offer a patented innovation for renewable energy. Our customers have a tangible cost and energy advantage on their construction projects. And our investors experience a maximum return on invest in green, low-cost and sustainable energy generation.

2011: Three founders, one project & one vision shape the future

Our success story began in 2011 next to the monastery of the imperial palace in Memleben. As part of the renovation of the monastery museum, a fire water extraction point was installed for the local fire department. Therefore 40 square meters of sheet pile wall were driven into the bank of the river Unstrut, for the very first time thermally activated, and initiated by the current shareholders of SPS-Energy GmbH (T. Semmling, B. Puttke and P. Schmitt). The measurements taken during the winter season 2011/2012 already affirmed the predicted high efficiency of this new type of geothermal system. The subsequent patent search confirmed the patentability, and in 2012 the foundation of SPS-Energy GmbH followed.

Due to the expected large but not yet independently confirmed performance potential energy sheet piles were the subject of a research project at the Chair of Geotechnical Engineering in Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen University starting in 2015. As part of this, heat extraction tests and intensive measurements were carried out under controlled boundary conditions. A computational module for the numerical description of Energy Sheet Pile behaviour was developed, and tested at three pilot projects with different thermal activation systems for steel sheet piles.

During these three pilot projects, the functionality, practicability and performance of the energy sheet piles were fully confirmed.

Participants in this collaborative research project were David Koppmann, M.Sc. and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Ziegler from the Chair of Geotechnical Engineering in Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen University as well as Dominique Knapp, M.Sc. and Dr. rer.-nat. Renate Pechnig from Geophysica Beratungsgesellschaft mbH. Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Semmling represented SPS Energy GmbH

Ongoing Development & Achievements:

Award for SPS-Energy GmbH by VDBUM (Verband der Baubranche, Umwelt- und Maschinentechnik e.V.) with the promotion award on„Outstanding Projects“

First commercial projects are implemented: Feldberg, Hohen-Neuendorf, fish pass at the Rurtalsperre

First license for the European region „Benelux“, contractually agreed. The first major project (renovation of the quay wall at the port in Enkhuisen, NL)


The next research project with the University in Delft (NL) and the partner company „Gooimeer“ + „CRUX-Ingenieure“ (rehabilitation of the bank sheet piles in the canals of Amsterdam)

our partner CRUX-Ingenieure won the „NENnovation AWARD 2020“, awarded in the Netherlands for the „Innovative method on energy recovery from quay wall structures by means of Energy Sheet Piles“

Further major projects in Germany and The Netherlands (e.g. Havel-Quartier-Potsdam)

Further market acces by founding the „FET PlC“ in Malta

Merger of SPS-Energy GmbH with FET
Expansion of FET and participation of STABAU GmbH & Co. KG. Granting of licenses for further EU countries

GeoTherm: Offenburg, June 2nd-3rd 2022 (World size fair of geothermal energy)

Baugrundtagung: Wiesbaden, November 5th to 8th 2022: System Presentation and Lecture

Each of us brings sound experience in his or her area of expertise: High-Tech, Construction, Energy, Ecology, Sustainability and Corporate Management. Thats what we are proud of. But more importantly, we are a dedicated team – with a lot of energy! Get in touch with us and get to know us.