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Heizen und kühlen mit Energie-Spundwänden.

More than just a wall – much more

Our sheet pile walls offer double benefits: While performing their classic task in construction, simultaneously they can be used for heating and cooling buildings: resource-saving, sustainable & inexpensiv.

An old idea, re-invented:

The Romans already used sheet pile walls made of wood. Today, steel sheet piling is used wherever it is necessary to secure excavation pits or terrain slopes. In some cases, sheet piling is also built simply to seal against water or to immobilize pollutants by enclosing contaminated soil.

Sheet piling has proved particularly useful in special civil engineering and hydraulic engineering, but also as a virtually watertight, low-deformation excavation shoring, e.g. in confined spaces in inner cities or structures deeply embedded in the ground. Steel sheet pile walls can be built quickly and can also be dismantled without difficulties. This is because the sheet pile sections can be pulled out again and then reused or recycled. This makes the use of sheet piling both sustainable and economical.

Energy sheet piles combine the mature and globally used technology of sheet pile shoring with near-surface geothermal energy to form a future-oriented regenerative energy generation system.

New and patented:

In addition to its previous static and sealing function, the sheet pile wall structure is now extended to include its energetic function.

Our technique offers the advantage that building structures required anyway can be used to additionally generate energy by integrating heat exchanger tubes.

Energetic activation for heating and cooling of buildings:

In order to use the energy stored in the ground, usually deep boreholes are drilled. Although this is technically feasible, it is very complex, expensive and involves drilling risks that cannot be ignored. Our method, on the other hand, uses huge amounts of heat close to the surface: naturally existing heat reservoirs such as rivers, lakes or the sea with its bays, harbor facilities and dikes. Via the existing or planned port there, industrial buildings or infrastructure, heat is absorbed from water and ground by a fluid circuit, integrated into their earth-bound steel components and fed to a heat pump-supported heating system.

Energy Sheet Piles – thermoactive steel components of hydraulic structures

The energy sheet piles are composed of a combination of standard sheet pile profiles and the special FET Energy heat exchanger system.

In addition, energy sheet piles can be used not only for heat recovery but also extremely effectively for heat dissipation, i.e. for cooling of buildings, both at open water bodies and in structures with contact in groundwater: In this case, the sheet piles used during construction period, simply remain in the ground for their second tast of recovering heat. Energy Sheet Piles combine the mature and globally used technology of sheet pile shoring with near-surface geothermal energy to form a future-oriented regenerative energy generation system. This highly efficient dual use of hydraulic steel structures creates an innovative and cost-effective system for heating and cooling, tapping ground and bodies of water. This technique brings a noteworthy contribution to the energy transition.

Unique selling points of Energy Sheet Pile walls

  • Dual use of steel structures with optimum thermal activation
  • Huge collector areas can be created due to the modular design
  • No mining permission required
  • Optimum long-term stability and highest service life
  • Standardized and industry-proven installation methods (pile driving, vibration, pressing)
  • Therefore cost-effective and fast installation within hours possible
  • Exploitation of regenerative energy from near-surface ground and especially from open waters
  • Highest efficiency of all ground-coupled probe systems
  • Complete dismantling possible, if required
  • Combination of a regenerative energy generation system with a mature and worldwide used technology of sheet pile shoring